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A Message Left for ME

     Just like any other day, I woke up early in a hurry trying to catch the

     Just like any other day, I woke up early in a hurry trying to catch the bus. I reached work just on time. Then, I started the 8-boring hours, working and working…

I woke up again – in a hurry- I dressed up… Then, I ran to catch the bus, I arrived at work just on time, woo… And as usual, I started the 8- despicable working hours…

Once, I woke up… but everything stayed a sleep! I did not dress up, nor did I go to work! It was a different day! I thought my life was running right in front of me, but I couldn’t catch it or slow it down a little bit! I even type in the fastest way I could to catch what was left from my life; when I knew that it was not much!

     I spent days and days running in an endless loop; trying to keep myself balanced in an unbalanced world, where the essential meaning of life is kept hidden! As, No one will ever tell you about it unless you start looking for…

I started looking minutes ago, just before I started typing this article: I looked back at all those happy moments and they were not much, I looked back at those worry moments and they were numerous, and there is no need to talk about those sad, stressed and miserable ones!

     I realized that I have been running in the wrong direction, I’ve been swimming towards the same bad feelings I used to run from. Life became meaningless. Moreover, what worried me the most is that I’m going to die at any moment and all of what I left behind is NOTHING!

    One day I will not wake up again! I will not work 8 Hours! Even, I will not go to work anymore… that day is where I end everything that attaches me to this life, this scary day ends everything in glimpse. On this day, I will take nothing with me! Absolutely nothing except for Belief and my good deeds!

     And thanks Allah -I started to breathe- as I remembered the word Belief, a word that lives inside you, and a word that keeps your soul alive; but you have chosen to bury it beneath the life.

How miserable I am to forget such blessing! Belief is a bless that shall keep our tongues busy with thanking & praising Allah forever ‘Al-Hamdu-lillah’.  As Allah says:  

The Day He will assemble you for the Day of Assembly – that is the Day of Deprivation. And whoever believes in Allah and does righteousness – He will remove from him his misdeeds and admit him to gardens beneath which rivers flow, wherein they will abide forever. That is the great attainment.” []

     After all I still have a chance, it is neither about the work nor the kids! Also, It is not about how fancy your life is! It is always about every step you take towards Allah. Actually, It is how much good deeds you left behind.  It is all about the journey towards the heaven. Briefly, it is about how to enjoy the peaceful life when it is full of worships and Belief!