“..The Stars Told Me”

And then I decided to open the window and start looking at the stars. Perhaps I will find

And then I decided to open the window and start looking at the stars. Perhaps I will find my answers through some meditation. I was wrong again; I didn’t get any answers or even any signs for God’s existence, but amazingly, I found GOD himself.

Two days earlier, a young woman told me, “I worship God and I pray a lot, but deep inside, I keep asking myself if He really exists!”

“Sure, He does that was my reply. Even though I wasn’t convinced with it, but I said it anyway. And here I am, it has been two days now and I’m still thinking of how God exists. And I kept asking Him for signs to make sure that He does exist, and I didn’t get any. Then I started asking for a dream and I’ll be just fine if I could see God in my dreams just to make sure that He exists. Again, ZERO. That was extremely frustrating though.

So, I stepped outside and looked at the sky telling myself that if I saw any falling star right now, I will have no doubts anymore about God! If you think for a second that I saw even a glimpse of it, then you are totally wrong! Nothing, nothing at all. I started to look down and turn back to enter my room, but something strong told me to continue looking at those amazing stars, those cotton clouds and those beautiful owls with such scary voices though.

An inner voice in my head told me, “Who is bigger, you or the stars?

“The stars no doubt,” I said.

The voice: There should be someone who created them.

Me: Hmmm they could be found by nature or the big bang!

The voice: Okay, let us imagine that you are walking in a desert and then out of nowhere you found a mobile phone. All the raw materials are here in the desert such as the sand that makes up the glass and the chips of the mobile, the heat needed from the sun, the oil with the sand to form the plastic parts in the mobile. There is still no way this mobile phone is created by nature or randomly through years by combining those materials, right? There should be someone who made it using those raw materials.

Me: That makes sense.

The voice: See, we used here our common sense to get to conclude that someone has designed this mobile phone. Using the same common sense with the whole universe, not just a mobile phone, will lead us to know that there is a creator who designed this universe with those galaxies, stars, planets, seas, lands, wind, animals, trees, humans…etc. All of that move in a great and adequate sequence.

Me: I’m starting to get convinced.

I started to look back at the stars. They are many and they are really beautifully designed along with the full moon that lights nearly everything, even our hearts. Why would I need signs of God’s existence when I have plenty of them: the stars, the moon, the sun, the rain, the humans, the animals, the plants, the rivers, the seas, the planets, the galaxies, and the whole universe. They are now rushing in my mind, all in one voice, “We are all created, we can never be found by coincidence”. And they are telling the truth; there should be someone who is incredibly powerful, intelligent, unbeatable, wise, kind, beautiful, eternal, self-sufficient, unique…etc. to create such a breathtaking universe. A creator who is not like humans in any traits or manners, a creator who is beyond our imagination and our minds.

Only then, I saw God in my heart; only then, I realized that we don’t need signs of His existence. We need to know how to thank Him for all those ways that lead us to know Him more and more.