Santa Is Coming With Islam This Year!

As concerned with searching for the truth of matters, especially the strangest ones, Santa Claus was a rich

As concerned with searching for the truth of matters, especially the strangest ones, Santa Claus was a rich subject for me to satisfy my desire. I kept reading, especially from Christian sources, about Christmas, its origin, and Santa Claus till I came to this conclusion: Santa is coming with Islam this year!


Cal Thomas, an American syndicated columnist who often writes from a Christian perspective, acknowledged uncomfortable truths about Christmas in a December 2003 column.

I’m not sure it’s worth keeping Christmas anymore,”

He began, lamenting that the holiday has become a:

Road show of reindeer, winter scenes, elves and the God substitute, Santa Claus, who serves as a front for merchants seeking to play on the guilt some parents bear for ignoring their kids the rest of the year.”

Christmas Reality

According to a Christian website:

The truth is that all of the customs of Christmas pre-date the birth of Jesus Christ, and a study of this would reveal that Christmas in our day is a collection of traditions and practices taken from many cultures and nations.

The date of December 25th comes from Rome and was a celebration of the Italic god, Saturn, and the rebirth of the sun god.

This was done long before the birth of Jesus.

In Germany, the evergreen tree was used in worship and celebration of the yule god, also in observance of the resurrected sun god.

The evergreen tree was a symbol of the essence of life and was regarded as a phallic symbol in fertility worship. These customs transcended the borders of Rome and Germany to the far reaches of the known world.

Trees, wreaths, holly, mistletoe and the like are strictly forbidden as pagan and heathen! To say that these are Christian or that they can be made Christian is a lie!”

Outlawed Before?

In the 17th century Christmas was actually outlawed in England and some parts of the American colonies because of its unbiblical and pagan origins. They knew something most people today have forgotten or have never known!

Birth of Jesus

If so, what is the truth?

Surprising but true! Remember those shepherds who were

[living out in the fields, keeping watch over their flock by night”? (Luke 2:8)].

The weather in December around Bethlehem is often miserably cold, wet and rainy. No shepherd in his right mind would have kept his flocks outside at night at that time of the year!”

Enhancing this truth, the Noble Quran mentioned a hint about Prophet Jesus birth. In the story about Mary giving birth to Prophet Jesus, Allah (the only true God) says:

And shake toward you the trunk of the palm tree; it will drop upon you ripe, fresh dates,” Qur’an(19:25)

Santa Claus

The legend of Santa Claus can be traced back hundreds of years to a monk named St. Nicholas. It is believed that Nicholas was born sometime around 280 A.D. in Patara, near Myra in modern-day Turkey.”

The opinions vary regarding his reality. Some say that he was a good monk helping the poor, while others declare that he was an evil one. He died in December.

Whatever the truth is, everyone agrees he wasn’t mentioned in the Bible. You can search the Bible cover to cover, but you won’t find the words “Christmas,” “Christmas tree,” “mistletoe,” “holly,” “Santa Claus” or “flying reindeer.”

Later on, Cocacola used the red colour as a symbol for this man as an advertisement for its products!


After these shocks, there is a trend now within Christians not to celebrate this day. They use their reason; they don’t follow the masses.


You may celebrate this day just to forget about your sad times, and to feel joy, but after being alone nothing change.

Read about Islam… you can fill your hollowness… you can find the real happiness you’ve been searching for!