What does it take to become a Muslim?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become Muslim? If such questions have ever passed by your

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become Muslim?

Have you ever thought whether or not it’s initially possible to embrace Islam?

If such questions have ever passed by your mind, then this post is perfectly for you!

First of all, yes! Any and every one can embrace Islam and become Muslim at any time; whatever his/ her previous religious or culture background. Islam for all, literally!

Great! Now, what does it take to become Muslim?

Only three things, not to do, but to believe in!

  • If you believe in the oneness of God, meaning that you believe that there is God, the uncreated Creator of the heavens and earth. That God is One and Only true unique God Who is worthy of worship alone without associating any partners with Him; only One True God to obey and to submit to. That God is so unique in His names and attributes that He is completely different from His creatures and His creatures are completely different from Him; “There is nothing like unto Him”. Accordingly, for example, He does not need to have a partner, a wife, or a son, and, thus, He does not indeed have a partner, a wife, or a son!

Say, ‘He is Allah, [who is] One, (1)
Allah, the Eternal Refuge. (2)
He neither begets nor is born, (3)
Nor is there to Him any equivalent.’ (4)” [Quran 112-1:4].

  • If you believe that Allah is the one and only true unique God, … Oh oh! Just a minute! Is there a difference between the word “God” and “Allah”?!

Definitely yes! And nothing will clarify that difference better than this short video:

The name "Allah" exists in the Bible!

  • If you believe that Prophet Muhammad (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) is the last and final Prophet and Messenger sent by God (Almighty Allah) to the entire humanity, not only to his people like the previous Prophets and Messengers (peace be upon them) who were sent only to their nations. If you believe that his message and the book revealed to him -The Holy Qur’an- is the last and final, and the only valid, divine message and revelation to the whole mankind, to all people, till the end of the world, not only to a certain group of people like the previous messages. If you believe that his message is encompassing and finalized the same one message that all previous Prophets and Messengers of God from Adam to him (peace be upon all of them) came with and called their people and nations to, which is the oneness of God and worshiping Allah alone.


  • If you believe that Jesus (peace be upon him) is only a human Prophet and one of the best five Messengers sent by Allah. If you believe that he is not divine, neither he is a god nor the son of God. If you believe that he was neither killed nor crucified, rather, Allah raised him to Himself.

If you believe in these three beliefs, then you are almost Muslim already! But wait! You’re not officially Muslim yet!

Converting to Islam

So, in this case, how to officially embrace Islam and become Muslim?

Since you already believe in this with your heart, you have to announce and pronounce this with your tongue as well. Thus, the first step to become Muslim is to pronounce the Testimony of Faith, which is known as “Shahada”.  It’s to say with your tongue in Arabic and in your language:

Ash-hadu ann la ilaha illa Allah, wa ash-hadu anna Muhammad rasool Allah, wa ash-hadu anna Eisa abdu Allah wa rasooluh.”

In English:

I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and I bear witness that Jesus is a servant of Allah and His Messenger.”

If you did pronounce the Shahada with the intention to convert to Islam, then, congratulations! Now you are Muslim!

Now you are, literally, as a newborn, pure, without any sin. Yes! Once you pronounce the Shahada, all your previous sins, major and minor, are directly forgiven. So, congratulations for the new birth! 

By the way! It is NOT necessary at all to have a mosque in your neighborhood or to announce your Islam in a mosque! Whether you don’t have a near mosque or you can’t reach the mosque for any other reason, this has nothing to do with embracing Islam and becoming a Muslim. If you can reach a Sunni mosque, this would be great! If you can’t, then yet, you still can embrace Islam and become a Muslim even without a mosque!  

Post Shahada

It’s a good recommended act after pronouncing the Shahada and embracing Islam to take a shower and change your clothes wearing another clean ones. So, don’t forget to do this!

But, what does it mean to pronounce the Shahada and to become a Muslim?

The Shahada, or the Testimony of Faith, in its simple meaning is the glorification of Allah and His commands, and the glorification of His Messenger and obeying him.

It’s nullifying and denying every god except Allah, and nullifying and denying every act of obedience unless it’s from Allah and to Allah.

Then, the Shahada is like a double-sided coin, a side of glorifying Allah, and a side of excluding any other god than Allah from the divinity and godhead.

This is about the first half of the Shahada. The second half is about believing in the Messenger of Allah, which means not to follow any act of obedience and worship unless it’s from the Messenger of Allah, Prophet Muhammad. In other words, following the Messenger of Allah in his way of obeying and worshiping Allah. This is how you as a Muslim should worship and obey Allah.

Requisites of Shahada

To conclude, the least about the Shahada is:

  • Glorifying Allah and His Messenger and obeying Allah and His Messenger.
  • Denying the divinity except of Allah.
  • Denying the obedience except through the Messenger of Allah.

Now, enjoy pure monotheism and become Muslim. Already did? Enjoy practicing Islam and being a Muslim. Welcome to Islam!


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