I want to be a Muslim, but… by Shannon Abulnasr  Do you believe in Islam, but you hesitate to take the next step to become a Muslim?  Many people fit this scenario, but they hesitate for various reasons.  Satan is an enemy to mankind, and he has promised that he will bring corruption to the […]

After a long history of injustice (You can watch the video below), the divine revelation echoed in the wide desert of Arabia with a noble and universal message which came to change the ugly human history and to create a life which humanity had never witnessed before in all its civilizations: The rights of Muslim […]

Effect of Islamic Civilization on Modern Science This figure shows a twelfth-century model of the solar system from Baghdad The one who contemplates the reason modern science and technology have taken giant steps and advanced to the present state would certainly agree that it is due to Islamic civilization which transmitted and introduced vast amounts […]

The weak and failures should perish: first principle of our love of humanity. And they should be helped to do this!” Friedrich Nietzsche, a German philosopher. For centuries, this was one of the western ideologies.  On the other hand, the philosophy of Islam and its law took another turn that has never been deviated from […]

“Mum , what is the meaning of the word “Christian” ?  G was 15 years old when he asked this question, he know the answer of course, but he want to check something. His mother smiled and said “Are you serious? “. G replied “100% serious” The mother answered “Ok. The word Christian means that […]

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